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    Superficial sore on a human leg

    Franz Andreas Bauer (1758 - 1840, Austrian) , Microscopist
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    height (painting): 254mm
    width (painting): 178mm
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    human body
       > leg
    Plate 1 from the Croonian Lecture paper "On the conversion of pus into granulations or new flesh", by Everard Home, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.109 (1819), pp.1-10. Two views of a sore made one day apart. The work is inscribed with publication and plate details. Signed lower left "Franz Bauer del:." Royal Society stamp verso.

    Full descriptive caption is inscribed verso: "Magnified 10 Times diameter or 100 times. Two views of a small portion of a superficial sore on the leg close to its edge. magnified 10 diameters. Fig.1. The appearance the surface put on after it had been exposed by the removal of the dressings for 10 minutes. None of the parts represented having been visible at the time the sore was first exposed; as it was covered with a thin layer of pus. The appearances since produced, are the canals carrying red blood; The red points which are terminations of perpendicular canals; and the bubbles of carbonic acid gas. The greater part of the margin is covered with a film of inspissated pus which is become cuticle. Fig 2 The appearance the same surface put on the subsequent day at the same hour after exposure for the same time showing the progress of the healing process particularly the rapidity with which the sore is covered by cuticle."
    Object history
    An illustration produced for publication in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.
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