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    Image number: RS.9364
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    Pilot fish

    Edmond Halley (1656 - 1742, British) , Astronomer
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    height (drawing): 196mm
    width (drawing): 302mm
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    Side view of a variety of Pilot fish [Naucrates ductor], inscribed above in ink: "A Pilot Fish taken in the Latitude of 10 Degrees South near Cape St Augustine.”

    At a meeting of the Royal Society on 6 November 1700: "Dr. Sloane shewed a book of Albegetti's of artillery, and done according to Gallilae...Capt. Hally was desired to give the So: an acct. of this book in writing. The same produced several sketches of fishes, and of the Batavian Islands, for which he was thanked, and ye sketches ordered to be put into the Repository. The fishes were of two sorts of flying fish &c." Royal Society Journal Book Original, JBO/10/198.

    The astronomer Edmond Halley was commissioned captain in 1698 commanded the voyages of HMS Paramour in the South Atlantic.
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