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Image number: RS.9710
Credit: ©The Royal Society
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Portrait of Davies Gilbert




Davies Gilbert (1767-1839, British), Scientific administrator


Thomas Phillips (1770-1845, British), Painter

Object type



height (painting): 1275mm
width (painting): 1025mm


Content object


Three-quarter length portrait of Davies Gilbert, standing, with his left elbow resting on a red chair back, the right hand tucked into his coat. In the left hand he holds a scroll of paper tied with a red ribbon, inscribed: “Transactions of the Royal Society 1828 1829 &1830”. Gilbert is dressed in a black suit with a high white stock. At his hip is a brass or gold seal attached by a blue ribbon.

Davies Gilbert was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1791, he served as its President from 1827 to 1830.

Object history

Presented by Davies Gilbert FRS, 1834.

The donation appears in Council Minutes: “A letter from Mr Philips was read, announcing that Mr. D. Gilbert had presented his Portrait, painted by Mr. Philips, to the Royal Society. Resolved, - That the thanks of the President and Council be given to Mr. Gilbert for his present.” [Royal Society Minutes of Council, Printed, CMP/1, 1832-1846, meeting of 9 January 1834, p.34].

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