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    William Hamilton’s party on the island of Ponza

    Francesco Progenie (Italian) , Artist
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    height (painting): 298mm
    width (painting): 460mm
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    Plate 12 from the paper “Some particulars of the present state of Mount Vesuvius; with the account of a journey into the province of Abruzzo, and a voyage to the Isle of Ponza”, by Sir William Hamilton, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.76 (1786), pp.365-381.

    Coastal landscape view made near the lighthouse on the island of Ponza in the Tyrrenian Sea, Italy. The scene shows local geology, notably solidified basaltic lava of various types, pumice and clays. In the foreground is the party of Sir William Hamilton (1731-1803). This group includes Hamilton at the centre of a small group of workmen and the artist. Specimens are being collected two workmen with hammers away from the main group (centre right).

    Inscribed in ink above: “N.III View taken from the outside of the Harbour of the Island of Ponza near the Light House.” In pencil: “Tab XII”. Signed below left: “Francesco. Progenie dis dal vero”. Inscribed below in ink: “1) Rock of Volcanich matter converted to pure clay. 2) Do. with Strata of pumice Stone. 3) Rocks of Lava inclining to take Basaltic forms. 4) Rock composed of spherical Basaltes.” Inscribed in pencil lower right: “J.Basire Sc.”
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