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‘The Sanglin, or Cagui minor’ [Common marmoset]




George Edwards (1694-1773, British), Ornithologist

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Zoological study of a Common marmoset (Callithrax jacchus) from Brazil. The animal is shown in a small landscape with flowers and a snail.

Plate 218 from chapter 8 of Gleanings of natural history, exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, &c..., by George Edwards, volume 1 (London, for the author, 1758). Described by Edwards in his accompanying text: “a species of animal of the monkey kind, partaking of the nature of a squirrel: the figure is drawn from life...This was a Male...That from which I drew my figure, was the property of the good and very obliging Mrs.Kennon, formerly midwife to the Royal Family, who informed me, that it fed on several sorts of things, as biscuits, fruits, greens, insects, snails &c. and that once, when let loose, it suddenly snatched a Chinese gold-fish out of a bason of water which it killed, and greedily devoured...”

The plate is inscribed: “Geo Edwards Delin Anno 1752. The male Cagui minor of Piso, natural Size.” and has a long descriptive statement below, commencing: “This animal called Cagui minor is drawn after life...”

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