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    ‘The Elephant, and the Rhinoceros’

    George Edwards (1694 - 1773, British) , Ornithologist
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    Zoological studies of an elephant calf and a female Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis), the latter with a detail drawing of a rhinoceros penis.

    Plate 221 from chapter 11 of Gleanings of natural history, exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, &c..., by George Edwards, volume 1 (London, for the author, 1758). The author describes the animals within the text: “The Elephant is said to be the largest of all four-footed land-animals; tho the living subject, from which this was drawn some years ago in London, did not exceed a common cow in height...The Rinoceros is generally accounted the next four-footed beast in magnitude to the Elephant...This I drew from a female, in London, A.D.1752...I have by me a draught of a Rhinoceros taken by a gentleman who was an officer on board the Shaftsbury, one of the East-India Company’s ships, Capt. Matthew Bookey, commander, A.D.1737...I have figured the penis in a corner of my plate from the above gentleman’s drawing.”

    The plate is inscribed: “Drawn from a young ELEPHANT, in London. The Teeth [tusks] are added to compleat the Figure. The female RHINOCEROS, drawn from life in London, A.D. 1752. Published Septemr. 14 1752 Geo Edwards delin et sculp.”
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